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Leaci, Minnie's Maid - PR by OneMessedUpHero Leaci, Minnie's Maid - PR by OneMessedUpHero

Leaci’s fate was sealed the moment Maria asked Minnie to do more chores. Minnie’s attitude toward chores was basically… ooh butterfly, then walking away slowly. However the looming threat of the dreaded “Fanny” outfit meant she had to think of a way to make Maria think she was busy… then she had an idea. When Leaci received the blackmail threats he came right over.

Minnie originally considered dressing him in the “Fanny” but only Maria and Nancy had the keys to that vault. It had the words “Abandon all hope ye who use what’s in here” engraved on it. However Minnie was nothing if not an expert at getting out of chores and she needed Maria to think Leaci was her. So she decided to have Dixie ring up auntie Shelly who was more than happy to supply one of her best customers with a 1 day rush order making it ready just in time for Leaci’s arrival.

When Leaci saw the birdcage he knew immediately this was going to be bad, once he was dressed in a pair of frilly black panties and over bust corset and some rather high heels were strapped around his feet, Minnie immediately closed the birdcage around his waist, and clicked the lock shut. She then proceeded to dress Leaci up in a special custom maids dress with a pinafore that secretly locked tight, ensuring it wasn’t coming off until every last chore was done. After finishing some makeup work and attaching some long nails and hair extensions she gave Leaci his list of chores and left him alone to do her work while she changed into her quinces dress so she’d look prettier.

Leaci spent hours doing chores which the cage of course made incredibly difficult, but when it came time to do the last chore he realised it was in a different room, that was when the problem arised. The birdcage was a solid piece of unbending metal that he could not get off. A solid piece of metal that could not fit through the door.

He was still stuck there when Maria came home, she did not look happy.


A patreon reward for :iconlyhoko: who requested a follow up to Leaci Minnie's Vengeance.


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LyhokoLeaci Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist
*Giggle* Yes, that outfit will certainly make it quite hard to do chores... And luckily for Minnie, it seems that Leaci's going to end up being the one who's punished for the chores not being completed. Leaci's not going to be pleased, but it's not like they have much of a choice in the matter, if they can't even get out of the room...
OneMessedUpHero Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Professional General Artist
Now these comments are fun to get.
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